This Psilocybe Cubensis (PF Red Boy) owes its name to the curiously red spores which disperse at the moment of fertilization. Find out more about the Red Boy Mushroom name, its origins, and growth habits in this article.

Hiding in plain sight
This strain was first believed to be completely new because mushrooms typically produce dark purple or black spores. The red spores are a phenomenon largely unseen in nature. Only after a thorough inspection was it established that Red Boy actually originated from the PF strain, which was very popular in the 90s and believed to be extinct. The red coloured-spores, which are a unique trait, were later found to be just a genetic deformity.

Pleasing to the eye
Red Boy Mushrooms have large, meaty stems and beautiful round caps. The strain is generally considered to produce beautiful, unique fruits. They grow fast, producing thick stems and gorgeous caps which some say can resemble a Mexican Sombrero.

Not just a pretty face
Red Boy is a beautiful strain but it is also a rather fast grower. The colonization time spans between 12 – 14 days, which makes it faster than some other strains. The red boy thrives in warmth and the ideal colonization temperature is 28°C – 30°C.

While effects will vary from person to person (as with almost anything ingested), the red boy has been reported to create a relaxed, euphoric state of mind which can be dreamy at times.

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