1 – Pajaritos 

The Pajaritos truffles are known to be very small in size, hence why it is coined after the Spanish word for little birds. They are known to make the user social when ingesting a regular dosage. This truffle species has become a very popular choice for microdosing amongst consumers. When microdosing truffles, you should usually ingest one-tenth of what a recreational dose would be. A recreational dose for Pajaritos is 10g, therefore the recommended dose for this strain is 1 gram.

2 – Atlantis 

The Atlantis truffle is closely related to the Mexicana strain and it is known for its strong visual effect when ingesting a recreational dose. Like the Pajaritos, this strain is also very popular amongst microdosers. These are considered to be stronger than Pajaritos so the amount ingested is typically smaller. A regular dose of Atlantis is considered to be 5 grams, so when microdosing you must use 0.5g.

3 – Mexicana 

The Mexicana strain is one of the most famous strains in the world. Historically this is one of the oldest strains to date and it was used regularly in the Aztec period by Mazatec Shamans for ceremonial, ritualistic and medicinal purposes. This strain is similar to Atlantis in the sense that you only need 0.5g to microdose.

4 – Hollandia

This truffle is Netherlands‘ own product. It is bred by the largest Dutch growers of truffles, hence the name Hollandia. To microdose this strain you only need 0.5g per sitting as it is considered to be one of the strongest.

5 – Utopia

The utopia truffle, alongside the Hollandia strain, is considered to be the strongest of all the ones offered here at Mondo. What makes this strain stand out is its unique taste in comparison with other truffles. This strain is less bitter, with a milder nutty flavour to it, making it more favourable to ingest. To microdose this strain you only need 0.5g dosages.

6 – Tampanensis

The Tampanesis truffle, otherwise known as ‘Philosopher’s Stone was the first one to be discovered and cultivated commercially. It is named philosopher stone because of its rather insightful and reflective nature with regard to its effects. This strain is not as strong as most others so a 1g dosage is recommended for microdosing.

7 – Galindoi

The Galindoi truffle strain shares something in common with the Mexicana – they can be found and cultivated as a Psilocybin Mushroom. These have been used for centuries by South American Shamans to perform ritualistic ceremonies. A regular hallucinogenic dose is considered to be 10g, so for microdosing, 1g is sufficient.

8 – Micromex

The Micromex is a brand-new truffle strain and is a hybrid of Mexicana and Pajaritos. This strain is mainly used for microdosing and not for regular dosage. A total of 0.5g of the mushroom is recommended as a microdosing quantity.

Each pack includes:

–        A total of 10 x 1g (or 0.5 depending on strain) dosages. (These can last 2-4 weeks depending on which microdosing protocol you choose to follow)

–        4 selected microdosing protocols for you to follow – this is dependent on what you want to achieve


Every person is different and may react differently to various substances and practices.

We always advise you to practise microdosing responsibly and to pay attention to your reaction.

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