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The Hollandia Truffle was bred by Dutch growers and is therefore proudly named Hollandia. This strain contains up to twice as many active substances compared to other strains, so it can be overwhelming for inexperienced users. We, therefore, recommended taking less than 7,5 grams at a time. The initial effects of psilocybin will likely be felt after around 30 minutes of taking the truffles. The whole experience will last anywhere up to 6 hours.

You can eat Truffles or use them for tea (let it simmer for 20 minutes & don’t let the water boil as this could reduce the potency of the psilocybin).

BE AWARE that these amounts are averages and can vary per individual. Always start with a low dose to see what is most suitable for you.

How to Consume 

The preferred way to take truffles according to experienced users is:

  • Raw
  • Shake
  • Tea
  • Yogurt

Pro Tip 

Take the truffles on an empty stomach. Avoid eating for 4-6 hours before you start.

Three Pillars of a Perfect Trip


Your current mood or state of mind has a large impact on the quality of your trip. For the best possible experience, you should be relaxed, open-minded, adventurous, and curious.


Make yourself comfortable! Surround yourself with relaxing music and good friends.


  • Beginner: 7 – 10 grams
  • Intermediate: 10 – 15 grams
  • Expert: 15 – 20 grams

If needed, you should ask for someone to tripsit. A tripsitter is someone who is sober and can guide, or help, you through your trip.

What are truffles?

  • Truffles are the sclerotia of Psilocybin Mushrooms, which also contain the psychoactive substances, psilocybin & psilocin.


What is the difference between truffles and mushrooms?

  • The are several differences between the two. Truffles grow underground whilst mushrooms grow on top of the substrate. The second difference is that truffles contain fewer psychoactive substances.


How many truffles should I take?

  • This depends on the individual. For more detailed information check our dosage guide in the usage section.


How do you take the truffles?

  • Truffles can be ingested in various ways. You can eat them raw, make a milkshake or infuse them with food.


Where should I take the truffles?

  • Truffles should be taken in an environment that you feel safe with. If it is your first time, we recommend doing it at home with someone else present.


How do I store Truffles?

  • Truffles should be stored in the fridge for a maximum of 1 month.

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